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Curry Corner

Have you ever tried to decipher the curry house menu after 12 pints
of lager ? If so, then this page is for you. Each curry is given a
brief description and a heat rating from 1 to 6. 

Balti    3  
Carefully prepared with fresh garlic, tomatoes, ginger, lots of 
coriander and all major spices to create the delicacy of its
flavour and texture.

Korma   1
A mild dish with a coconut and cream base, ideal for chicks and

Dhansak  2
A sweet and sour curry that originates from around the gulf. This
is highly flavoured, cooked with pineapple and cream, giving a mild 
delicious taste.

Rogan Josh  3
Carefully prepared woth green and red peppers to give a rich taste.

Dopiaza  3
Thick, oniony sauce, very nicely flavoured but highly likely to produce
very stale farts for the next day or so.

Tikka Masala   3
A variable dish. Usually deeply red with strong flavour of tomatoes
and o of the tandoori ingredients.

"tikka masala! got to be a measly 1 rating."
John McCubbin

Madras  4
The start of the hot dishes. A thin sauce with some bite, but
not too strongly spiced for the raw recruit to curries.

Jalfrezi  4
About the same strength as the madras, but sometimes stronger. Quite
a thick sauce with peppers, chillies and onions, good flavour and
plenty of bite.

Vindaloo  5
Hit and miss, usually the most lethal dish on the menu. Thin sauce
with plenty of kick. If the consumer is not used to it's fine flavour,
then there is a good chance of discomfort the next morning.

Phall   6
Order one of these along with a holyman of your chosen religion. This
will be tough going even for the hardened veteran. A near fatal mixture
of chillies and spices provide a burn that NASA would be proud of.
Be afraid, be very afraid.