Effects of Alcohol

We've all done it, a few too many lagers and all kinds
of bad stuff happens to us. The more you have to drink,
potentially the more bad stuff can happen. The following
gives an idea of what happens to the body and the brain
when your blood alcohol level goes up. 

30mg Blood Alcohol 1 Pint
The start of the night, nothing major, just getting a taste.

50mg Blood Alcohol 1.5 pints
You start to feel cheerful and warm. You now have double
the chance of having an accident. Plain birds begin to look
OK at a distance.

80mg Blood Alcohol 2.5 pints
In the UK you will lose your driving license, maybe even at
a lower alcohol level. The chances of having an accident are
now up to four times the average. Plain birds look good close up.

150mg Blood Alcohol 5 pints
Loss of self control, slurred speech and getting LOUD. You
now have 25 times the chance of having that accident. Ugly birds
are starting to take your interest and you think you can take
on the world.

200mg Blood Alcohol 6 pints
Loss of memory, double vision and staggering. You might as well
try and chat that ugly chick up now, because very soon she won't
understand a word you say and you won't be able to get it up.

400mg Blood Alcohol 3/4 bottle of spirits
Oblivion, sleepiness, coma. This is the point in the night when
you stare longingly at the pub mirror and then your head bounces
off the bar, next day you wake up on a park bench (if lucky).

500mg Blood Alcohol 1 full bottle of spirits
Death possible

600mg Blood Alcohol
Death certain, game over. Don't go here, not good for you.

So you can see the key here, is to hover somewhere in the five or 
six pint range and then get a taxi home. 

Apart from the above, alcohol does other stuff to the body.
Dehydration, loss of vitamins, lowered immunity etc. Long term,
overuse can really screw you; ulcers, heart disease, liver disease,
anaemia, obesity, loss of memory and cognition, cortical atrophy
(yes, I know, I got a dictionary for Christmas), varices, gastric

This is not meant to put you off lager at all, just to give a few
pointers for safer enjoyment of the sacred sauce.