Sometime Saturday morning you slowly wake with a mouth
like a camel's jockstrap and itchy eyeballs. You start 
to get out of bed (not necessarily yours though) and can
hear your pulse battering against the side of your swollen
brain. Next your stomach decides it wants out. You now 
have less than five seconds to find the sink or its the
psychadelic fountain all over the duvet.....

Basically a hangover is a collection of varying illnesses
on a small scale, the bad stomach, the sore head, the sweats,
the shakes, bad guts etc. Usually, there are only a couple of
symptoms present, but it can escalate depending on what you drink 
and how much. Darker drinks are believed to be less pure than the
paler ones. If the pub has low standards on cleaning out the
pumps then you may also suffer from a mild dose of poisoning.
A good tip for any new pubs you visit, try the bottle lager and
then maybe shorts as well until you know how well they keep their

Most of the time a hangover will be gone within twenty four hours,
sometimes the stomach problems can hang round for another day or
so. Often, the stomach problems are gone the night of the session
and the headache is the chief complaint. Hangovers are not fun at
all but can be treated or at least relieved.