LAGOS, Sherlaton
If you're ever in Lagos, Nigeria be sure to visit the "Sherlaton" restaurant on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.
Forget about the commercial pink and red coloured muck which is served out of jars in UK curry houses, this is the genuine article.
For those of you who have never visited West Africa the interior decor leaves a little to be desired, but don't let that put you off.
They have a decent standby generator to cope with the frequent mains power failures and the air conditioning is OK.
On Friday & Saturday nights get there early because it gets packed with Asian families from all over town - surely a
good sign. They only serve chicken, mutton and fish/seafood dishes and the mutton is actually goat meat. The service is OK if the
place isn't busy but is terrible when packed.
Recommended dishes: 
The chilli pickled onions (which are served as an appetiser - total death)
Mutton Kebab (4 big sticks per portion)
Kadai Chicken (spicy rather than hot, but excellent)
Handi Biryani (the house special, big chunks of goat meat & chicken)
Onion Kulcha (Nan bread with onion fried in ghee)
Don't bother with a dessert.
Wash it all down with a few bottles of the local lager - either Satzenbrau (brewed by Guiness) or Gulder. The strength of this stuff is
 a minimum 6% and can be more. Since it comes in 600ml bottles, it doesn't take many before you're destroyed. 
A good meal for 2 with starters & plently of lager comes to around 4,000 Naira ($40) and there will be plently left for a doggy bag for your driver. 
Afterwards, get along to the Outside Inn (girly bar) at the NAPEX off Walter Carrington Crescent. The girls are pushy (especially on a Friday) night
and some of them are a right pain in the ass. Just pick out one and the rest will go away - just
dash her $5. If you want a good shag, you'll pay around $20 for an all-night take home. The Fulani girls from the North are absolute stunners!