Matlock Bath, Balti House
If any of you are stuck in Matlock Derbyshire and need good grub.
Head for the Matlock Bath Balti house.
The guys at the matlock bath Balti are friendly and helpful to your pissed 
lad from polite table service to ordering taxies for you at the end of your 
meal. The food is superb and there is a cheap deal on a wednesday night.

Newcastle upon Tyne, Rupali's
This place is a bit hard to find, but is well worth it. They do a 
good range of curries and also sell spice kits so you can have a 
go at home. The owner is a regular contributor to Viz and is certainly
not camera shy. A few famous names have come to his restaurant to
try the Curry Hell Challenge. This dish is free, if you finish it. We
took a team in from TheLadZone editorial staff and can vouch that we
had a go, failed, but at least we tried. Win or Lose, you still get 
the certificate (and a very sore arse the next day). If you are near
the Bigg Market, try Rupalis, well recommended.