Chesterfield, Xanadue
Big Club, bit pants ocasional supper model visits nothing special.
Now closed down.

CUMBRIA,  Strawberry Bank,  The Mason's Arms
Well not a lot you can say about this place, it is
the lagers of the world. This pub has hundreds of
bottled beers from everywhere, there is a menu.
Get a taxi for two reasons. Firstly, it is not easy
to find. Secondly, you will get very pissed. Just
in case you get hungry they do food as well. Great 
in the summer a bit cramped in the winter.

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,  Albert Hotel
One of those real ale pubs, does lager as well though.
Good place to start the night and meet the rest of
your group.

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,  Churchills
Bowness's very own wine bar. Very popular in the
season. Good selection of bottled lager and pleasant

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,   Circuits
A sports theme bar. Good music, bottled beers and
plenty of arcade games to keep you busy.

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,   Hole int Wall
Another real ale pub (well Robinson's anyway). The 
beer garden at the front is the place to be when
the weather gets hot. Very popular.

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,  McGinty's
Genuine Irish Pub. Guinness etc and lager. Has
live music on quite frequently.

CUMBRIA,   Windermere,   Stag's Head
Good place, hotel, bistro, lounge bar, cellar bar.
The cellar bar is open late in the season (maybe
sometimes off season as well) DJ on the weekends
and good supply of reliable beer.