MANCHESTER,   Courtney's
Very enjoyable, good music and lager. If
you get here later in the night, expect to
queue outside for a bit. Gets VERY busy at
weekends and services can slow a bit. Given
that, once you're in and have a drink it's
very good.

MANCHESTER,   Harry's Bar
OK to get in and get served, but extremely
busy. Good selection of beers. Get the stuff
in the bottles as pints will get spilled here
due to the traffic.

MANCHESTER,   Moon on the Water
This place used to be a cinema and is very
difficult to totally fill becaus of the sheer
size of the place. Good selection of beers and 
space to move and breath.

Matlock, The Duke of Wellington
Beer not kept well here usualy chewy bits. Fruitmachine usualy full.

Matlock, The gate
Looks cack but friendly and nice beer also cheep pool darts juke box

Matlock, The Thorn tree
Nicest Beer in the whole of matlock small country pub very friendly very 
small very old also cheep.

Matlock, The Willows
Nice place run by scouser Jeff
Lots of young people pool table dart board gambeler not to smoky

Matlock, The Crown
Ok selection of beer but no music you are better of at shakespears.

Matlock, Shakespears
Young busy dingy nice beer lots of totty Tunes

Matlock, Old english (same place different bar)
Fruit machine, pool table, plenty of space beer ok

Matlock, The underground Night club
(underneath Old E)
5quid for totty 10 quid for blokes free beer all night opens at 10.00pm 
closes at 2.30ish 

Matlock Bath, The Midland Hotel
Nice Pub, Cool Staff, Nice beer, Pool table No point in playing the fruit 
machine emptyed regularly by lockal gambeling professionals.

Matlock Bath, The County and station
Nicer pub, New Landlord is a nice bloke old one was not, Pool 
Table,fruitmachin also emptyed by local gambeling pro's next door to fine 
cury house (Matlock bath Balti). Beer kept well

Matlock Bath, The Princes Victoria
Nice Redstripe
Fruitmachine may not be empty

Matlock Bath, The Fishpond
good live music expencive in comparison to others big place young crowd

Matlock Bath, The Pavilion Night club
Bad beer good place to get done for shagging under age girls or going home 
with a 45 year old devorcee. No middle ground as they have the sence to go 
else were.

Oxfordshire, Didcot, The Great Western Junction,
'The Junction' has good selection of lagers and fun drinks, two pool tables and a great
atmosphere. Landlord looks like Dr. Evil. It's open till 1am Friday and Saturday nights.
Watch out for the Supersonic Sundays!