Sheffield, The Globe (Scream Pub) Howard Street Sheffield
a good selection of bears and flavoured vodkas nice greasy cheas burgers 
giant conect 4 pool table juke box free on week day afternoons open all day 
usualy full of students if this offends visit between june and sept. Happy 
houres for 3 houres week day afternoons

Sheffield, The Howard
Also Howard Street
Very cheap food nice beers 1664 stella redstripe fosters and more.
Friendly staff Fit barmaid some times. Beer Cheap

Sheffield, Bankers Draught
Dodgy end of sheffield city center
Never Go here!!!!

Sheffield, Royal standard
Good breakfasts here

Sheffield, Frog and parot
Devonshire Quater
Brew there own beer Known as rodger and out served in 1/3 of a pint due to 
strength tastes like cough mixture but gets you mullered.
Other beers available good crack cheep.

Sheffield, The halcion bar
Don't go here expencive and to poncy.

Sheffield, The forum
part of the same building as above
Good for partys.

Sheffield, Bar coast
Nice place dress code some nights though not your run of the mill booza

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley, Flair's
Used to be called Flickers. Seventies bar with
DJ. Good place to meet up as it is a bit off the
main route. Start here to get yourselves into a
party mood.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley, Hog's Head
City centre, real ale pub. Big place but gets
very busy on weekends. Good, varied selection of
well maintained beers. Most of the stock is guest
beers, even lager gets a say every so often.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley, JD Wetherspoons
Very big. This is well worth a visits at the 
weekend, not bad to get served and the drink 
prices are very reasonable. This is one of those 
place where you end up for a few rounds.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley,  Locker Room
Sports bar. Someone has spent a lot of money doing
this place up. Lots of American sports stuff about.
Pool tables, arcade games and TVs. Doesn't get busy,
as it's off the track a bit (10 minute walk). One
moan, the bar service is crap, half the staff ignore
the customers and keep on chatting to their mates
all night.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley,   Pig and Truffle
Definitely on the loop. Excellent place, good music,
good selection of lager and very popular. The very
popular is the downside, getting a drink can be slow
at times due to the volume of track. Go here and enjoy.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley,   Trinitys
Another one on the loop. DJ on the weekend and quite
easy to get served quickly. Handy for Yate's and the
Pig and Truffle.

STOKE ON TRENT,   Hanley,   Yate's
Top night out. This place is packed every weekend. Why?
Because, it's fantastic entertainment, good selection
of beers and the music is simple fun stuff.