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From: Garzy
just been on to your site...top quality like

but i saw that you had a curry list and phall was at the top....well i
live in newcastle and there is a curry house which boasts the hottest
curry in the world called a magmaloo and if you eat all of it you get
some prize....probably another magmaloo!! keep up the good work fella!!

There is a spot at the top of the Bigg Market called Rupalis and they
do the Curry Hell Challenge. I had a go when I was up there and lost
big style. The curry is near fatal, but some have done it and one guy
nearly finished two in a row.

From: FatBoyReg
A regular in my local boozer told me a story from his drunken youth the
other day. About 20 years ago, when he was 17, he'd been out on a 15
hour drinking binge and had eventually managed to stagger into the flat
he was living in at the time. After a few moments of falling and
knocking over tables, he got into his bedroom and collapsed on the
floor. Feelin quite cold, he tried to make a supreme effort and get
himself into bed. Unfortunately, he was so drunk that he couldn't lift
up the sheets and had resigned himself to sleeping on top of the bed.
But 1 more strenuous effort finally managed to lift the sheets and into
bed he got. The next morning he woke up with a minging hangover and
realised that he was under the carpet.

If any of you guys out there have woken up some place embarrasing, drop
us a line at TheLadZone. This doesn't include next to a fat bird though.

From: Rory Firth
Just a note to let you know they did sell men Behaving Badly to the US, and
it didn't even last one series, due to the stupid Americans not getting it,
and the fact they only bought the concept and wrote there own scripts and
had to sad Americans trying to emulate the great Martin Clunes and Neil
the wizard of ROz
It just wouldn't be the same. Then again could we do Al Bundy ?
The Americans don't understand concepts like lager or rampant totty.

From: John Evison
Know what pisses me off? Kebabs. Every week I promise myself before I drink that I won't have one. Save a few quid and
gut-crippling diarheoa the next day but always I end up having one. When will I learn eh? How do kebab shops stay open.
Have u ever seen one with more than two people in it ? What exactly is in donner kebab anyway? Is that what they do with
all the bse beef they can't put in our burgera now. They say it's lamb but I don't believ them and in fact the exact
contents of kebab meat deserves scientific investigation or at least a section on your site. They are a core part of
boozin lad culture.I demand this be done. In the mean time I shall pray for the fate of my guts when I have my kebab
tomorrow nite after the pub.
The other mystery is, have you ever seen a kebab house open during the day ?
Well we've been told that donner meat is indeed lamb. Not which bits of the
lamb, but still lamb. Also, why do they put loads of stuff on top of your kebab
that you can't push down the plug hole after you tweak ?

From:Cold hits (again YAWN)
i read your fucking mail bitch. i think your fucking
3 reply sucks cock. you send me one more mail looks like
i gotta put a fucking bullet in your fucking ass. i tell
you one thing your ain't fucking funny and your website
sucks. I think i gotta fuck it up for you and your cock
headed fans. oh by the way go hell asshole i'll be waiting there
with my shotgun. by bitch fucking heads head!!!!!!!!!!! ps: you suck and
your shit sucks. yours truly COLDHITS
8==D small dick bitch
The good news is that you won't be pestering us anymore because I
have a letter from your ISP telling us they've pulled your account.
And it's MISTER bitch to you, prick.

From: ZRT
For Arsehole of the Month I reckon anyone who watches Friends. It is absolutely
shite and totally unfunny American bollocks. Apparently people actually aspire
to being just like them, sharing flats and stuff. The people who watch it only
watch it so that they can join in with the office discussion about who did what
last week. They get on my tits. And anyone who doesn't watch it has something
wrong with them, in their opinion. Get your own lives for fuck sake.
Tell you who needs a good nudging though. That Rachel off S-Club 7.
Anyway, best wishes and that...
So, you're no a fan then ? We will have to flog the Americans Men Behaving
Badly and show them what real flat sharing is all about.
Rachel off S-Club 7, nahh. Close your eyes, imagine a room sized waterbed,
picture the three birds from Steps : )

From: cool hits
i just like to say your fucking shit sucks and i wish i could kick you
in the fucking ass and cut your balls off and make you a women bitch ass
punk no good piss of shit go hell asshole
OK, I have one of three things going round in my head at the moment.
(1) You watch too much AliG
(2) Care in the community needs rethinking

From: Baz
Love the site lads, but........ Whats with the men behaving badly thing?
they aint lads, they just a couple of arseholes for scabby middle class
student types slummin it before going to work for daddy in the city!!!! I
cannot condone this. What about real lads, the pioneers, like Gazza, he
played footy, pissed it up and got paid for it! OR even, as much as i hate
united, Besty, the man was a boozer and a lover (not a great one, but who is
One more thing fellas, how about you put a section in the site from some
birds giving there points of view on the lad life and/or a q & a section?
I drink, therefore i am!
Baz, The reason men behaving badly appear so often on the site is down to
the readers voting for these guys. George Best has been in the Legendary
Lads award for a few months but can't remember about Gazza though.
As for including a section for the birds (note equality here Helen), we
tried that with The Chick Zone. Unfortunately the kind volunteer who was
going to run that section had to give it up due to overwork. The page is
still vacant and any (sensible) suggestions are welcome.

From: Steve, Sheffield
Sorry to bother you again, couldnt resist!!!! That fucking thing, Helen,
Sheffield has no right whatsoever to suggest that she comes from my
The birds here arent like that at all!!! She is obviously from down south
somewhere and trying to hide her identity!!!
Nice crack about the leg shaving though!! lol
Steve _ Sunny Sheffield (lesbian dyke queer free zone)
Well put Steve. Next time the knickered yeti writes, I will let you
respond. But, what else would you expect from a southern, shandy
drinking chewbacca-ette.

From: Robert Talbot
Been looking at your site all week, and have introduced people at work to
it as well. The jokes page is amazing, told loads of them in the pub.
Might try some of the chat up lines too. Keep it up.
Ta Robert. The jokes pages are the fastest growing area of our site.
According to a chart service we use, the humour section is in the top
thirty in the world. According to recent research by the Institute of
Tottyology our chat up lines are more likely to give you night in the
local Accident and Emergency department than a shag.

From: Stephen McNee
What can I say, Sheer Excellence come to mind as
does Bloody Brilliant. Your Site is hilarious and is a very good place to
pick up jokes to piss the misses off. Keep up the good work.
Are we assume that your missus is a blonde then ?
Cheers, glad you enjoyed.

From: Steve, sunny Sheffield
Fucking marvelous!!!!!!!
I havent laughed so much in ages, the gag page is second to none!!!! The
sickies are an outrage :-)
Keep em coming thick and fast, the lads at work love the site since I
introduced it to them! (do I get commision?)
Enough for now, cheerz for the smiles!!
Thanks Steve. The commission bit is a no-no I'm afraid. The site is
earning me 100% of fuck all at the moment. The jokes will be coming
out thick and fast though.

From: Meron Lomas
I just discovered your web page, and throughly enjoyed most of it.
However, I feel that you fell down rather badly on your Lager Page.
Your "Lagers of the World" incorporated a grand total of three
countries! (Thailand mentioned only once) While Holland and Belgium were
very well represented, I feel that there are many other countries that
produce fine lagers as well.
Perhaps you should visit your nearest off license, and make an effort to
sample the fine brews from overseas countries.
Fair comments. However, most of our material is contributed. The way it
works, is that the more people send in, the more popular that section
becomes. The more popular, the more contributions. All we can do, is
start the ball rolling, then it's down to you lads. PS Thanks for the joke.

From: Martyn Avent, France
At last a Website I can relate to. I nearly understood all of iut !!
Thanks mate. Someone in France likes us anyway.

From: Reuben S
i was scandalised with your sacrilegious inclusion of gary and tony (from men behaving badly) in your arsehole list.
i have modelled my life on theirs. they are THE lads par excellence.
other than this MAJOR oversight, you have produced an arse-clenchingly amusing site.
i like. i like. i like.
Big SORRY. The nominations page does apply to both charts and we failed
to point that out at the time. It has now been altered. Thanks for the
kind words, keep visiting.

From: Dom
Good to see the flag of the united laddom flying.
I'm stuck in finland where the beer is crap there isn't a curry house for
about 800 miles and the fins drink about two pints and take there trousers
down. Never mind back to sunny sheffield on 27/11
Enjoy your trip back to real drinking. Thanks for all the stuff you
sent in for the site, much appreciated.

From: Karen
Just had to say I loved the jokes. As sick as they were I found them funny.
Cheers for the laugh.
Helen from Sheffield, please note, some of the fair sex can have a laugh
too. Karen, Ta, glad you enjoyed.

From: Phil H
Cracking site, lets see more, birds , beer, curry and filthy jokes
Cheers Phil, spoken like a true connosir, connosse, coo, sod it, ta.

From: Wilma O
This site is shit
Oh dear, into everyones life must a little rain fall. Thanks for the
feedback, Fuck Off.

From: Aide
Please find attached some more jokes- some are old some are new take your pick
3 hours and I am in the pub- YES!!!!
Now here's a man with his priorities straight. Enjoy the fifth one.

From: Helen, Sheffield
Isn't it about time that you bastards quit your inane ramblings about 'birds' and 'totty' and moved on to something more valuable like
the restoration of equality in the workplace.
From your email address I gather that you are a student which begs the question, what the fuck do you know about the workplace.
After stopping shaving your legs and starting to drink pints have you benefited from learning new languages yet, because you appear
to be talking TOTAL SHIT. Please don't confuse going to university, with having a brain.
From: Mike, Leeds
Thanks for the site. Keep up the good work
See, someone appreciates us.
From: Dave, Leeds
Good stuff, but why do Peter Stringfellow and Ronan always get such a slagging off by everyone.
How do we put this diplomatically. The Peter Stringfellow aspect is simple enough, take an analogy. Everytime there is a TV debate on
shagging, he's a guest on the show. It's a bit like having Charlie Manson as an expert on the sixties. He may know what he's on about
but quite a few people don't want to be reminded that they have been there. Ronan, on the other hand, is a talentless twat. Until Boy
Zone can produce their own material, so may the debate continue. Another point, it's you the readers, that do the voting.
From: Alan, Birmingham
Birmingham is the Balti capital, when are we going to see some reviews ?
Fair comments Alan, as most of our material comes from individual contributions, we need to wait for some kind reader to send a few
notes to us. We have quite a number of students who visit the site on a regular basis, please send us some info on the pubs, bars
and curry houses in your university town and we can grow the guides some more.