Links page

My mate Scott's real ale page
Guinness (includes screensaver)
Beer screensavers
Guide to pubs and clubs in London
Guide to Curry houses in the UK
Anything to do with Chillis
Curry in the UK
Importers of the hottest chile sauces to the UK
The Curry Monster, Cool site, Try the quiz
Total Comedy
TheFunkySite, check out The Dead Pool
Binkle Bunny, top stories
All kinds of shit for sale here
All those things you always get attached to e-mails in one place
Pavement Terror - Photographs taken from a moving van...
Real Hamster. Rodent love toys (it's a piss take)
Viz, nuff said
Frog in a liquidizer, microwaved gerbil ?
Dead Celebrity Jokes..This is sick stuff
Good Joke archive and daily mailing list
Haggis' humour section
The Society. Solid site, lot's of piss taking
Legendary Lads
Men Behaving Badly..The Official Site (Check out the glossary)
Babe of the Month (Contains nudity)
The Beers in Crew
TheLadZone discussion list
Shockwave based games and cartoons
Maxim Magazine
FHM The Magazine
Another excellent contribution to lad culture
I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really ... Shoot a Spice Girl