Oliver Reed:
13th Feb. 1938- 2nd May 1999


To celebrate the life and work of the great Oliver Reed, we are dedicating this page in permanent memory of the "Wild Thing".

Oliver Reed was born on the 13th February 1938 and sadly passed away on the 2nd May 1999. During his life as an actor, unlike most of his profession, he was never out of work. Throughout his long career he gave his all to his art and proved to his critics that he was one of the best actors of his time.

His last film Gladiator was one of the most spectacular films of it's kind and a fitting tribute to such a larger than life character.

Mainly his infamy brought him to the world's attention, week long drinking sessions, womanising and his forthright views. Oliver was no politician and a breath of fresh air when it came to saying what others merely thought.

Though he found fame and success, never once in his life did he desert his friends.

The world will miss this great man

Rest in Peace