Now before we start, no reponsibilty can be held for trying any of these at home. Everyone has their
own magic formula, these are just a few examples.

Bad Head
Often a sign of dehydration or poisoning. Soluble pain killers can relieve the pain and help your stomach
a bit, but are reasonably likely to fly back up again. Basic, over the counter pain relief is good, paracetamol,
aspirin, ibuprofen, codeine etc. Don't try them the night before or if you are still fairly pissed as pills
and alcohol don't mix.

Fluids, lots of them. Before going to bed a couple of pints of water or OJ will prevent the dehydration and 
may also dilute your stomach contents for a better landing the day after.

Bad Stomach
Kill or cure, liver salts, these will either settle your stomach or reverse it out. Either way you will probably
feel a bit better for the experience. Dry toast to soak up some of the crap still in your stomach or water to 
dilute it a bit further. 

Bad Guts
Not our problem, if she can't handle the smell, f#ck her. Charcoal tablets are king on this one, but your tongue
will go black and they are very dry to swallow. A dose of something to calm diarrhoea will come in handy as this
can be your next treat.

Clean fluids. OJ or lemon juice with water are extra beneficial, they give you the needed fluids as well as lost
vitamin C and sugar. Any clean fluid should help. Coffee and tea may be a good stimulant but can lead to further
dehydration and irritate your, already suffering, stomach some more.

Drinking on an empty stomach can hasten it's effects, so eat something. Drinking milk can put a lining on your
stomach before a session. Drinking lots of water after a session can make a big difference to the quality of 
your hangover. Overdoing the chilli sauce on the kebab doesn't help too much if you aren't used to them.