TheLadZone is a collection of material, mostly contributed by you guys, on such diverse
subjects as lager, curry and jokes. 

As with any magazine, it's the readership that decide the content. Have a look through
the site and feel free to drop us a line if you think you could contribute.

What we don't do;

	Porn	How long have you been surfing, it's everywhere if you want it.
	Sport	There are plenty of sites that can do this way better than us.

Yes, a few areas of this site can be in bad taste but you will be warned first. Some of
the jokes may be a bit sexist. However, if your view of feminism, is that the only good
man is a dead man, you'd better fuck off now as you will only get offended.
Yes, there is plenty of bad language, but hey fuck it, it's only what you'd get down the

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